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Ready for Success?

No offence to your competitors, but you know that what you offer is the best. But how do you set yourself apart and find massive success?

It starts with one word: OBSESS

Specifically, you need to OBSESS about three things:

  1. Nurturing Relationships
  2. An Invested Team
  3. Creating an Outstanding Customer Experience

I'll show you how. First, let me introduce myself:

I started my business, TitleSmart, just before the 2008 recession (did I mention I'm in the real estate industry?!). But through tenacious relationship-building, an obsession with creating a phenomenal customer experience, and commitment to authentic leadership, I've now created a business that employs over 100 people, is housed in nine physical locations across Minnesota, and makes 8 figures in revenue annually. My business dreams came true because I'm obsessed!

 Are you obsessed about your business too?

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"Cindy has demonstrated an excellent combination of financial growth and long-term employee growth while establishing a culture of personal engagement. She has also demonstrated strong leadership in her efforts to give back to the community."

2016 Stevie Awards Judge

"I stumbled upon your information on LinkedIn one day. Since then, I have been obsessed (in a healthy way!) with your Monday Tips and great tidbits that you share. I strive to have our office be a fun place that clients want to visit. We foster a positive environment and a "we can do it" attitude! You have been an inspiration for my business and I just wanted to say thank you!"

Title Company Owner

"Cindy’s book is full of tips and ideas to make your business stand out from others and deliver the ultimate client experience. She thinks of everything and her delivery will make you more accountable as a leader and employee. Every member of our dental team enjoyed reading this book and it has given us tools to go above and beyond in every part of our business."

Katie J.
Dental Office Patient Coordinator


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