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The Simplest Way to Make Everyone Feel Valued

self improvement Oct 12, 2020


Do everything with a passion, duh!

People understand that when you're passionate about something, it's the general thought in that effort that makes the difference. Everyone wants to feel like they're the most important person that you're working with and if you do everything like your life depends on it they'll always feel that way.

If it's making a copy, it better be the best copy that you ever make, every time. Seriously! I always tell people in our company that everything is your job, all the time, everywhere. Nothing is too small. Everything is important and you need to be passionate about every area of the business.

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Who am I anyways???

I’m Cindy Koebele, and I started my business, TitleSmart, just before the 2008 recession (did I mention I'm in the real estate industry?!). But through tenacious relationship-building, an obsession with creating a phenomenal customer experience, and a commitment to authentic leadership, I've now created a business that employs over 100 people, is housed in nine physical locations across Minnesota, and makes 8 figures in revenue annually. 

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