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Get Your Customer to Connect with Your Business

customer experience Oct 12, 2020

Think about the last business that you visited. From the time that you walked in the door, how did it make you feel? Was it bright and inviting? Did someone that was bright-eyed and bushy tailed greet you right away? Were there smells that you remember from cooking with your grandmother or mother as a child? All of these things go into the presentation of your business and how the public and your employees perceive you.

For example, I had a customer coming in for a closing last week and I know he's been in the sailboat business forever. We actually have a room that has this really great sailboat with a big TitleSmart sail on it and globe picture, so I made sure to reserve that room for him. When I walked in I said, "Oh hey, look, we have the sailing room for you!"

When I go outside of my office to meet with a customer, I just do those little extra things to make an awesome presentation. Sometimes I'll grab a few fresh baked cookies off the rack and put them in a bag for them. When I walk in I'm like, "Hey, I brought you a couple cookies and they're still hot." When I go to the doctor and I have to wait, which usually you have to do when you're at the doctors’ office, I'll look around and try to find something to read and there's a Doctors Weekly magazine. What? Well, sorry, that does not excite me. I want a People magazine or an InTouch (that is not from last year) or something really good and interesting that's going to keep me busy while I'm sitting there.

So, I'm not talking about the presentation of presenting some material or information to a client. I'm talking about the setting; the presentation of the establishment. 

Enhancing your customer's experience you helps establish a positive relationship with your customer. This means that focusing on your presentation is KEY! 

Can you think about a few things that you could do differently to WOW your customer?

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Who am I anyways???

I’m Cindy Koebele, and I started my business, TitleSmart, just before the 2008 recession (did I mention I'm in the real estate industry?!). But through tenacious relationship-building, an obsession with creating a phenomenal customer experience, and a commitment to authentic leadership, I've now created a business that employs over 100 people, is housed in nine physical locations across Minnesota, and makes 8 figures in revenue annually. 

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